Escape From Dinosaur Island - Version 1.0.2 released

I updated Dinosaur Island to 1.0.2 (Adventuron + ZX Spectrum Version).

No serious bugs to fix in this release, just general housekeeping tasks.

  • Added examine response for LOGS.
  • Added additional responses for drying the pot.
  • Minor change to the layout of the game instructions.
  • Incremented the version number.
  • Removed the "Examine what?" response that seemed to imply that the player could type in one word after it was delivered, this does not (yet) work in Adventuron (it will), but it will never work on the PAW version (without a serious memory cost).
  • Changed the POT logic so that if it is present that's good enough (previously had to be held for pot manipulation).
  • Added a response for ENTER PLANE.


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Aug 05, 2019
ZX-Spectrum--Escape-From-Dinosaur-Island-DX-V102.tap 36 kB
Aug 05, 2019

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