A port of the classic 1968 resource management sim.

This port is adapted from the 1973 BASIC version port.


You must manage the resources of a region of Ancient Sumeria for 10 consecutive years.

You must make 3 decisions per round:

  1. How much land to buy or sell.
  2. How much grain (or bushels) to feed your people.
  3. How many acres of land to plant seed in.

Two Ways To Play

  • Easy Mode - Rules Are Explained
  • Tough Mode - Rules Must Be Discovered By Trial And Error.


  • Original Author (1968) : Doug Dyment
  • BASIC Port (1973) : David Ahl (printed in BASIC Computer Games, 1973).
  • Adventuron Port (2019) : Chris Ainsley.
  • New Graphics (2019) : Steve Horsley
  • Mode Seven Font : Andrew Bulhak.

About Hamurabi (Wikipedia):



Code adapted from the BASIC Port by David Ahl:


Video Interview With David Ahl:


Initial Release

1.0.0 - Initial Release - 13th March 2019.


Offline Version 471 kB
hamurabi-sourcecode-1.0.2.txt 159 kB


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Hey, I love the aesthetics of your remake!

Is there a way to download your games (I'm a bit old-fashioned and like my games offline, so I'd really love to download your three games).


I have added an offline version to the page. I'll add offline versions of the other games a little later on.

Thank you very much, that's very kind of you! :)