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Awesome little game! Got both good and bad endings as well as all the jokes lol.


If I had more time I'd love to do something a lot more substantial in this style.

Do check out Adventuron and make a small game of your own if you had fan. Tutorial A is just one hour.

I love it. Great job. The artwork suits the game extremely well. I haven't beaten it yet, but am enjoying the puzzles, story, and atmosphere so far!


Do check out my new game, TWO as well.

The graphics are not as fancy, but it's quite dense with puzzles and should be fast paced.

I did it! I think I got everything. I got the good ending, the bad ending and the battery ending, as well as the shameless plug. The kitchen counter made me smile.

I'm glad you enjoyed. It's a trivial but tactile adventure.

You are the first person to mention the kitchen counter :-)

Reminds me heavily of old BBC micro games. Good job!

Insufficient A.I. controls, but nice game

good luck!

Nice graphics :)
Played it twice, wanted to change the outcome :D