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Hello, dude.
First at all, I really enjoy your games.
I have a question for this game (also for Humurabi). How can I reset the game?. I want to start from the beginning, but the HTML load just where i left. I tried to load an empty slot, but didn't work, and delete and install the game again doesn't work either. 

Anyway, thanks for make games like this. 

To reset a game, just type QUIT.

I finished this, 32 years after starting it. It's tough but worth getting to the end. Excellent port of a classic game.

Glad you enjoyed. 

I do hope I can enhance this further for the 40th anniversary.


I would very much like to play all your games but I have an aversion to browser-based games that can only be played online. I know I already asked you this before and you were so kind to make an offline version of your wonderful adaption of Hammurabi. You've created so many interesting adventure games by now. I'm sure there are others who - like me - would gladly pay for an extra "offline"-package of all your interesting games.

Anyway, thank you for what you do and I wish you all the best!


I have added an offline edition that contains some extra features too (a solution, a map, and a copy of the classic adventurer two page feature).

There is no cost for this.