Now Available Offline

Hello everyone,

Image by Andy Green

Image by Andy Green

I have just made THE BEAST 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION available as a downloadable zip file, so that you can archive the game and play it offline.

Alongside this release, the following extras are packaged:

  • A Map
  • A visual solution
  • A copy of the classic adventurer article (as a PDF) which featured this port.

There is no charge to this version, or any future version of the Beast.

More features will be coming to this port in coming years, but it seemed a good idea to put out an easily archivable edition.

Stay safe,

Chris Ainsley


The Beast 30th Anniversary Offline 1 MB
Mar 26, 2020

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Excellent! Thank you!

I need to have another go at this one!  Thanks :)

Thank you for doing this for us 👍🏻

Thank you very much, Chris! I really appreciate it. :)