Mobile version now working

The mobile version of The Beast is now activated.

A huge thank you to to the amazing Itch support for the amazingly fast turn around on this issue (4 days).

Two Caveats remain:

  1. If playing on regular Android variants, Chrome 71 or above is required. Please update Chrome and your Android webview using the play store (or whatever alternative you have).
  2. If playing on iPhone, there will be be an additional bar shown above the keyboard (showing "next", "back" and "done". I understand that it's not possible to remove this bar if my HTML5 application uses an INPUT tag. Anyone encountering this is encourage to send me screenshots and phone model name so that I may open a bug report to Apple. The game should work well aside from this annoyance.

To play the mobile version simple navigate to


index.html Play in browser
Dec 22, 2018

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